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Entry #7

Srew you guys...Im going home...

2010-03-01 21:14:21 by angiDGL

...*walks out the door*


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2010-03-01 22:20:33

I been thinking about the PM convo we had a long time ago... I am planning on making a dark demo reel of some kind, whether it be me singing a sad song, reciting a dark monologue, or just doing a dark scene between two characters.

I mean, as of right now, you are the only person I have appealed to on NG for my "more serious" talents in voice acting, but I really think I can do a lot emotionally, even cry in a scene. (I've been through enough shit, believe me). It's important not to get labeled to quickly, even though I love making humorous stuff. And obviously a lot of people will immediately see me as a comedian, but I am so much more.

I can't wait to help you! It's nice to work on serious stuff. Even if I know it's supposed to be funny because it's so bad ;)


angiDGL responds:

i'll bet you can do some really good serious work. your also really good at improv work in my opinion. If you make a dark reel maybe I could make it into a short cartoon some time. :)


2010-03-02 00:41:08

Great! Should I ever make an idea I hope the outcome provides me a similar enjoyment I find in things like these /81764 /469293

... And I think you'll like this one. /412723

angiDGL responds:


I only wish the last one got some sort of award >:(


2010-03-03 17:34:00

can I come home with you?


angiDGL responds:

its a very you bring skittles.


2010-03-03 19:55:58

I'll bring a glass of water. :)
And Skittle juice !

angiDGL responds:

if they had skittle juice....I would bath in it every day.

you guys are free to come to my crappy appartment any time...even you Ryeu.


2010-03-03 20:45:27


angiDGL responds:

kinda..but thats nothing new :P


2010-03-03 22:38:49

oh yeah i should warn you, i'm drawing the next pic of you and brush since brush thought i was serious :P

(Updated ) angiDGL responds:

thats fine....need a picture of me naked for reference?

just kidding.....or am I ?....-no really I was just kidding.


2010-03-03 23:09:29

hey I'll draw one of you also :)
just send me a fully nude pic and I'll get right on it !

angiDGL responds:

no...but since you gave one of my pics a 10.........I won't ban you.


2010-03-03 23:21:15

I'm your son from the near future, I need a picture of you to save deh world from
global warming!!!

Live are at risk woman!!!!

angiDGL responds:

how the hell would I have a some point in the future I become
*gasp*.....straight ? ....Nooooooo !


2010-03-04 01:46:07

who says it would involve either of you naked ;)
I mean it could've just been you two enjoying a nice bag of Skittles :O

angiDGL responds:

thats a good idea also....Im sorry my overly horndogged mind could not think of somthing that simple.


2010-03-04 10:22:26

It's nothing new you are depressed? Maybe.
Mean, I don't know you THAT well for getting the times you go depressive or happy... So, at least for me, it was sort of new?!?

You can see how much lost I am about this so I guess I can't help until I see what I can do... like shutting up? =D

So I'll tell one last thing before I have something new to tell... I am researching that material I told you and it's not about organ... It's related to webbrowser components and such... Actions it can provide? And soon you will get what (almost) everybody like... The only small problem is that I am usually feeling bored, 95% of the time I feel my life is tedious and repetitive, so the research is running slower then what I am capable as this takes out my disposition for anything. No big deal since I am used to this feeling from 5 or 7 years ago.

And hey: cheer up...Get free of this sad face and cheer up.

angiDGL responds:

Im not really sad or happy just average.
don't worry Im not that moody.


2010-03-05 15:41:36

Nah I did not think you change humor THAT much. Just more then normal.
Bah, if you changed it extremely, there would be no reason to worry after all! As you would be recover from all this depression as fast as you entered. >.< So that's not true.

I just told you to cheer up because some comments above you just answered "yes, but that's nothing new" to the question "depressed?"...

Well, when you putted yes I went worried, specially with the "nothing new" part: if it's so obvious it could only mean you were feeling REALLY bad. (Or at least that I am blind enough to not see something so obvious ¬¬.) So you were... Kidding?, right? You are okay, don't you?

angiDGL responds:

I was just kidding :P


2010-03-06 15:17:09

I'm ashamed to tell you really got me worried.
Mean, you never done such kind of joke before so I thought you were really bad... And I care about you, which is strange, as I never saw you face-to-face. ¬¬ Making it an even more shameful thing to... Admit?

Lol. I'm pathetic... >.<

angiDGL responds:

its cool...thanks :)
Im flattered to hear that.
even though we will never see each other, we could still have bonds.


2010-03-06 20:29:45

I'm flattered that I typed that... It's not an easy thing to type that as I was being sincere and I'm usually a coward...

We can do bonds? Cool... Never someone said that to me in the internet before!
Nice new profile photo, by the way (the drawn picture with hair over 1 eye)...

angiDGL responds:

thanks !


2010-03-07 12:48:28

can you give me flash? and teach me flash? PLZ?

angiDGL responds:

I learned flash from watching "jazza's animation tutorial" on youtube, he goes through the whole process. go check it out.


2010-03-07 13:16:18

wait did he critique my work like he's a pro, and then ask for my help? WTF?
i'm not taking non artist reviews seriously from now on.


2010-03-07 16:36:14

World is full of people like that: state you are shit and then act like they were the corn in the shit, asking help/mercy. ¬¬ Losers to the edge of the meaning of the word "defeated".

Don't kill him, he is already suffering enough begging favors to those he consider worthless... Instead, wait until his pain finish! ^^

I'm not an artist either, but I never said bad things about your works... I tried to be helpful instead.


2010-03-07 22:32:36



2010-03-08 15:11:46

I didn't give you a bad score!! I may not know how to use flash, but I'm not going to lick you cunt and give you tens and fives just for you to help me!!

(Updated ) angiDGL responds:

Im not helping you because of those PM's you sent me! giving me good reviews won't change what you said to me in the past!

I thought you said my flash wasnt good !? now for my new cartoon your trying to be nice and positive !?....Im not very forgiving!


2010-03-10 18:51:23

Ryeu90 is a tool :)
So are most of the people you'll find on the internet.

Maybe I am too :O
Or you know, probably not.



2010-03-15 18:28:19

I hope I did not upset you with my description... It was not my intention in ANY form.

Expect an answer too. =D

angiDGL responds:

your ok nex, keep that in mind.


2010-03-16 04:57:06

LMAO at the comment about the great flash with the fox. :p

angiDGL responds:

XD ....its the truth!


2010-03-23 14:39:11

How many jobs you got?

angiDGL responds:


2010-03-29 16:52:06

Since I could not edit my comments for your latest self portrait, I'll might as well post it here. What I meant to say was that you have improved a lot with that work of art.

If you want, check out some of my artwork. There are a couple more that I haven't finished and uploaded though.


2010-03-29 17:31:59

Got fired from the other one for beating da boss?

angiDGL responds:

I quit because my boss was a dick.


2010-04-01 20:39:17

Kevin Bacon


2010-04-01 22:09:35

Y e still exist?

Mean, with all this Kevin hacking around... m e feared for a while till m e noticed it's around more places than y ou r account... This makes y ou to not be the main target, and so, m e ask again in other words: "Do y ou still own the control about yo ur own account?"

Expect answers not related to bacon.

P.S: to read my message, y ou must remove spaces that souldn't be in their current place, like in the word "y ou" or "y ou r".
In case you find the word "m e", even after doing a trim on it, the word will still be incorrect, as "m e goes" makes "m e" sound like a caveman. The reason is obvious: with the correct form, a "Kevin Bacon" will appear in the wrong place! "M e" cannot put spaces in the correct form as it's made of only 1 vocal: the one between "e" and "o" in the "aeiou" vocal's sequence.

Sucky to read? I agree. Fully.

angiDGL responds:

My account is fine. I just havent been here for a while.


2010-04-10 15:50:41

So, about my last message...
I hope you trust me enough to give me what I asked.
If you don't do, at least don't get angry... You can check my ip an see if I am related to any troll, but I think I haven't been hacked until now, I guess, at least!

I would had worked more on our project but as you see, I lost my time, I hadn't even kept leveling up either...

So, again, I ask you to give me your contact (by PM, or unknown people[trolls] will keep adding you).


2010-04-16 18:03:23

I used to be depressed til I got mah peelz.


2010-04-16 22:49:23

Christian676 says:
I used to be depressed til I got mah peelz.

What's on with the pill thing? What this has to do with all the rest messages?

Ah... Miss her... One (only) of the few respectful persons on newgrounds that always replied and without being disrespectful...
I only wish I had asked her contact before she left (seems to had left) this terrible (full of goons) place... I felt awful for 30 minutes since and after this message, be sure...


2010-08-19 12:57:06

Amazing the fact I never forgot a person I never saw face to face...

That may be mainly because fo her disturbing art... Her movies and drawings stuck on my head as her story of life and things she told me. As things I never tought of such as a girl keeping her dead boyfriend in one of her movies... He he he...

No matter what she done, she is a good person, she is only unlucky... Done bad things, of course, but well... If her childhood would had been alright, she wouldn't had the need of mean things to keep money and flee her hood.

She only has a dark sense of humor, but it does not mean she is an ogre...

Miss her.


Notice: failed to catch her e-mail before she left... By only 1 hour!!!


2010-10-16 11:20:14



2012-05-28 02:03:25

does that mean no "The Blind Heart Part 4"?


2015-07-25 22:37:29

Dude, I think she killed herself or something.
I *think*, but I am quite unsure.
I guessed that from some of our conversations, the fact she made a depressing picture called "one last look back" and the fact she rushed some slightly humorous quote from Eric Cartman just to express her anger, added by an angry smile. Some walks out the door and the fact she left no email behind made me wonder what happened to her. Neve was able to find out. Regardless... I tried, but I couldn't obtain her email.

By "dude" I mean the classic "To whoever that may concern..." written in some letters left by people that do not have a certain destinatary. One possible recipient could be the guy who posted just above me.


2017-01-17 16:26:46

Sorry for the long absence.
I see that angiDGL never returned since 2010. If suicide is the case of her absence, I'm sorry I couldn't help prevent it though I wish I could have. If she is still alive, I hope that she is safe and okay, and wish her the best.