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my next project

2010-02-26 18:02:37 by angiDGL

I'm going to make a non silent flash this time...Its going to be a satire of a cheesy 80's/90's horror movie
staring me as the monster.

what is 80's/90's horror you ask ? take a look:

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2010-02-26 18:55:04

This is REALLY scary. Ooooo, zombies and... Goo?
Infectonator is scarier. ^^

If the "horror" movie is funny, imagine how gonna be your comedy version of it, angiDGL.^^

angiDGL responds:

of coarse there will be blood in my cartoon.
I was just showcasing the bad acting. ^_^


2010-02-27 05:22:05


You have good taste. I can't wait to see the finished project ;)
BTW thank you :p

angiDGL responds:

no prob!


2010-02-27 10:23:56

So let's see if I understood. The satire is not a comedy at all, since there will be something "blood full". Am I wrong?

Anyway... I always watch the content of your since they always make me laugh in the way you represent people.

angiDGL responds:

yeah it's going to be funny....for people with a dark sence of humor like myself.


2010-03-07 13:01:58

He was too shocked to notice the fly crawling around on his face.