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I gotta take things slow.....

2010-02-17 15:09:34 by angiDGL

Im going to start work on the script SkilledBrush wrote for me.....I'll put alot more time into least a week. I usually make everything in at most 2 days.
(im not very patient)

also yes Im pretty messed up in the head, don't be fooled by my size or kindness you don't want to approach me !..... not without a pack of skittles to bribe me with.

In other news I changed my profile pic...and thats about it....cya

I gotta take things slow.....


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2010-02-17 20:49:33

Nice neck ring on your picture.
Take things slow, that's the way! You will soon feel better.

By the way: I will stop bothering you excessively. It's really driving you nuts.

See ya other day.


2010-02-21 21:10:05

Consider this an edit from last message.

Girl... When I said to stop bothering, I mean I would stop sending too much messages. Even if you had given no answer, I find myself uncomfortable with the possibility of getting misunderstood. So I came to explain myself.

The question I stopped sending several messages is because I thought I was being a fountain of discomfort and boredom. I felt like a spammer. I really want to chat with you but I don't know if the opposite affirmation is valid. (Shit, I sound like a geek).

I had a conversation with you friend, SkilledBrush. I looked for him/her because you seemed to be friends as it still seems, an then would be a good idea for knowing those you walk with. But she acted in a unexpected way with me. I will not tell very further details without his/hers permission because I am no defamer. But I can assure and grant it was NOTHING SERIOUS. No grudge.

But I have to report I got no seizures in your friend.

And if you got a problem, I hope you get better as soon as possible. Or even faster than the possible =P. You know I like you due you are one of the few persons around here that answers me. There are others but they are few and some of them get inactive soon.

I really expect an answer from you.


2010-02-25 06:56:30

Oh no, now I'm craving skittles :[