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what now....?

2010-02-14 12:24:58 by angiDGL

I made part three of my little silent movie ( - the screams )....took me about 2 days to make it, and I kinda just animated what ever poped in my head.
I'm taking a break from silent horror...for now and Im may work some non silent stuff.

I might need voice actors for my next cartoons...I don't care about long as you have a good
voice quality.

well time for a baby smoothie....don't worry its mine...


what now....?


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2010-02-15 19:52:57

Well, another movie to daily voting. I kinda increased each movie score a bit... Some as much as almost 0.8, 1.0. I am not sure, though.

Let me say... Id anything going wrong? Well, you said your brain fried and this is making you to go for a little while as you expressed... Wazzup?

I'll keep voting, I have the pow of 5 votes, in 1 week since I offered (I guess it's one week), I got 35 votes only. 5 * 7... And if I am right, today I got 40 on each movie...

(Updated ) angiDGL responds:

I'm taking a break...I'm a bit stressed at the moment so I may not submit anything or even go on this site for a while....not until I make somthing really awesome that I'll put alot of my time into will I return...


2010-02-16 18:27:23

are you messed up or what

angiDGL responds:

in more ways then 1