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Workin On my style

2010-02-09 23:58:01 by angiDGL

There are alot of ways to make flash far as how to go about animating things.

Im not sure if should go for more of a traditional hand drawn animation style or if I
should go back to the motion tween style....hmmm

anyway here's a pic of me and my kidz :3

Workin On my style


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2010-02-10 02:04:19

Looks pretty good, for reals. Keep it up.

Animate something funny. Let me know if you want voice acting ;)


2010-02-10 02:04:28

I play a good chick


2010-02-10 02:13:13

Seriously let me play those three btiches for you. I'll send you a reel :)))))))))

check your inbox

angiDGL responds:

only one of them is a bitch :P


2010-02-10 11:36:15

Try doing both... You can hand drawn sometimes and use tween other times... Drive your head with convenience...

By the way, I am thinking to make a piano in flash, with drawings... Wanna draw something when I tell ya the script is ready?

angiDGL responds:

sure...give me a pm when your done scripting


2010-02-10 20:18:07

Thanks. Now let me play those chicks :)

angiDGL responds:

When Ever I wanna make blind heart, pornappa the rappa, and me flash i'll def
tell you.... XD


2010-02-13 19:28:51

Whoa, thats way past fucked up dude.

Uhh... You got any weed?


2010-02-14 20:58:25

I am curious is the one on the left supposed to be a furrie? Err anthro dog? I happen to be a furry so I am quite curious if that's the effect you are going for.