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Why do I make this stuff ?

2010-02-08 08:26:30 by angiDGL

The blind heart is a story based on nightmares I have...and yes I had a dream were a guy strangled me to the point of snapping my neck !

I know some people don't undertand or are creeped out by my work and down rate it just because...-_-...but that wont stop me from making fact I thrive off of negativity.

I will continue to make more of these for as long as my drawing arm works, and lets me use their music :3 .

Pornappa the Rappa was just a quick laugh. I made it in about a day, and thats probably all the juvenile humor you'l get out of me.

expect more stuff from me in the future.

-Angela H.


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2010-02-08 11:01:44

Well why do some people like to whatch creepy and scary stuff? Becuse its safe of cource! You can feel the fear, without being in danger! I think watching stuff like this could be healthy for two reasons. One, learning not to panic when you do become afraid. Two, It open your eyes if its good!

Something bothers me. You wrote this in anger. Thats no good. You should't make this to "creep" people out. That should just be a fun side affect! This should be a atistic and deep experience! To creep people out is easy! One of the most easy things to do actully! Dont forget that!

(Updated ) angiDGL responds:

I don't make it to creep people out, this is all just my vision of the world, I'm actually not trying to be scary at all.

I said that to let those who don't understand my work to, just simply avoid posting
"I don't get it...its creepy and I don't no what wuz goinz on -blam becuz it wasnt about mario bruvas" XD

it is suppose to be a deep experience thanks for getting it !


2010-02-08 15:05:01

I liked your history, voted 5, I was away all the day, if I was here, I would had send you some, uh, protection attempt? But looks like you don't need it: congrats for the 3,4 score. I will try improving it by daily voting. This is getting too big, so I will stop writing (notice that I write things in random order, this was last part).

Yeah, listen to SkilledBrush, he is Jesus and has power to know what is going to happen to you.
Thinking better, I don't think he is Jesus... After all, Jesus would have told what he knows. This is a very bad thing. If someone reveals me the future, I think I should do something instead of just enjoying my incompetence to administrate my gift, my 'powers'. Sometimes I believe god reveals me something and then I tell and face the consequences. And if wasn't god, too bad, but at least I got a clean conscience?

Well, overall I hope nothing happens to you because I like that way you think the whole stuff, and when I do like the way people think, I'd rather prefer any option that they are kept most conserved as... Possible? But I am none to decide what happens...

Now I wanna tell ye a cool story: once, in a discussion, some guy said: "I will call up my fucking dad, he will scare you up", then I answered "Not if mine makes yours leave the scene pissed on girl painties, having a hart attack with his stupid son joying his company at his side. My dad is surely more scary then yours", he said then: "Your dad is not better than mine."... Laughing, I answered "Mine either, or at least when he was alive". The dialogue is not loyal to reality, but the meaning of the original phrases are the same.
After I said that, everyone stopped what was doing in the classroom and looking at the laughing alone, 10 years old, boy after he just told the most funny joke possible. They said bad things about me just because I disrespect a bunch of bones in a joke... Thinking a little bit, I really loved my father when he was alive, he was best dad/cop I saw personally, but now he is a ghoul, and if he appears I will send him back to his graveyard since he is not my dad anymore. He left that body, he is somewhere else...


So, I agree with him at this point: people feel the horror for things they don't know/fear and then this makes that wish to stay away, and talking/seeing/listening is considered staying near in this case, if you know what I mean... Though, some people hate your ideas because they believe in things that they don't know. For example: the religion or the tradition... People does not know a shit about theology or about how tradition started, but people say themselves are inspired by those ideas of family and church even if they are not clever enough for them. Fearing or not, they are just blind and that's all.

(Updated ) angiDGL responds:

that was a good story.

Im trying to get more voting power when ever I have time
to blam the crap that doesnt belong on NG....but some things still get
through and I don't get points.

There are a few people here that understand what I do with my cartoons
and I think I can help cater to a more mature minded crowd.


2010-02-09 17:29:33

I'm surprised people would be creeped out by your flashes... Especially since this is newgrounds lol.

Also who is that a picture of?

angiDGL responds:

I know right ! I don't find them creepy at all, but I guess thats cuz i made um
they say that you are what you make. the guy who makes saw may not find what he does creepy.

the picture ?...oh thats just my twin....LOL


2010-03-10 11:26:44

you made my demo reel flash. it's pretty juvenile :p