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Silent Flash

2010-01-31 09:15:05 by angiDGL

I prefer to keep things silent , the only reasons I didn't just record my voice for my cartoon was:

1. I suck cock at acting !
2. the sound quality was bad when I did try !
3. I felt it would take away from the feel of it !

I don't know if Im the first to try the silent film approache or not, So I thought it would be a breath
of fresh air, from your standard video game parody about "smash bros." , "mario" etc...

I just hope that my cartoons being silent won't hinder their success. The feedback Ive gotten was very
helpful, and if anyone has anything against silent flicks...feel free to post why :)


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2010-02-01 07:30:14


angiDGL responds:

um...what ? what?


2010-02-01 09:27:42

The fact that your concepts are not mainstream is that makes me more curious. The most of movies, even flash movies, have guessable endings and story.

I like things that suprises or at least confuses me and so the blind heart idea got my attention.
The problem of people around is that they only seek something wich is pure entertaining and (OR) with good graphics. So, if you think that silent cartoons won't make success, I guess you should think twice. They just need small improvement.

angiDGL responds:

glad to see some one else likes stuff that messes with your head, And thank you, I'll try my hardest to improve.


2010-02-01 12:20:54

Then report me when you're done.
If you at least knew kilso... Melt-a-brain gamestyle.
That game make me wish to be wrestling bears and living in a mountain forever. It's too hard and confusing.


2010-02-06 11:09:46

Hi there.
Well The thing with silence is you, as you know, can use music.

I trust your going for more eerie, odd twists in your anims. Using music, written by YOU or by your ideas in place of dialogue is great. Music flourishes can sometimes be more impressive than any spoken word could ever par.

(Updated ) angiDGL responds:

yeah, I feel the same way.


2010-02-07 17:02:03

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angiDGL responds:

WHY ? why would you post this ?
thanks! you just made my night!


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